SUBLIME KITCHENS PROJECTS BETWEEN $30,000 -40,000 Specializing In adffordable Award Winning Boutique Kitchen Design & Construction




Some of the things we consider when Planning our Kitchens:

More Kitchen Storage: When we design your kitchen we make sure that you will have the adequate storage you need, in places that are conveniently located.Your kitchen designer will survey your storage requirements and with your assistance determain your kitchen storage ,appliance requirements and propose the most fuctional solutions.

Improved Work flow and design: When we design your kitchen space we loosely use the work triangle and plan your kitchen in zones including preparation ,cooking, cleaning ,Consumables and Non Consumables Zones. Your new kitchen will be ergonomic to use and have having everything located at your finger tips.

Kitchen Space/Zone Planning: Our kitchen design will completment the way your family interacts. Many homes now are being designed as open plan.We will assess the way your family /kitchen interacts with the adjoing spaces/rooms and consider the relationship between these rooms.  

Consideration to Kitchen lighting Requirements:We understand the need for proper lighting all around your kitchen. We will help you implement and incorporate properly positioned genaral ,task and acent lighting into your new functional kitchen and adjoining spaces. 

Informed choices: With our help you can make informed choices on fixtures and fittings.We will outline the pros and cons of components in your kitchen and help you keep the project on budget.Our Designers believe in the saying Form follows Function.  

Correct Kitchen Cabinet Postions:With our help you get cupboards that will be designed and installed with your height, space and ergonomic requirements in mind. The end result is functional Kitchen that looks fantastic also. How often have you banged your head against poorly-designed kitchen Cabinets? It's annoying, painful and not to mention the waste of space.





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